Strategic Marketing Planning – Two Major Options

Strategic marketing planning can be approached in several different ways. The most important two options are:

  • To incorporate strategic marketing planning into a comprehensive planning process like Dynamic Strategic Planning, as explained on this website, or
  • To do strategic marketing planning on its own.

The choice you take depends somewhat on your scope of control – are you the CEO of your company, or are you marketing director or similar? The broader your range of power, the broader you will probably want your plan to be.

Over many years, our research and analysis has led us to realize that there are five primary success factors for any business or organization:

  • Strategic management, which includes comprehensive strategic planning
  • Marketing, which includes strategic marketing planning
  • Operations, or running the business day to day
  • Finances and facilities, the physical resources of the organization
  • People, with an emphasis on learning and professional development

We believe marketing is most successful in the context of comprehensive system management, as Dynamic Strategic Planning provides. However we first entered the field of strategic planning through marketing strategic planning, and have written a separate ebook that might appeal to you, Marketing Strategy: The Key To Business Success, From Your Community To The Worldwide Web. This ebook is available by request through the Lawrimore Inc. website online contact form.

With a marketing strategic plan, you drill down into more details of the marketing realm. These include not only the famous “4 P’s” of marketing – product, price, place and promotion – but also the key elements of marketing itself, such as market research, advertising, public relations, Internet marketing, graphic design and publications, and personal or face-to-face selling.

Both marketing strategic planning, and dynamic or business strategic planning, should focus primarily on people, what is important to them, and managing relationships through effective communications. Buildings and finances are certainly important – one of the top 5 success factors as noted above – but should not be the primary focus of stategic planning, in our opinion, even if planning for a new building is a key focus. This is because all of your success depends on the cooperation, and meeting the needs, of people inside your organization (staff, employees, etc.) and outside your organization (customers, prospects, community etc.).

Want to plan for your business as a whole? We encourage you to get a copy of our Dynamic Strategic Planning book, read it over, and consider how it might work for your business more effectively than other strategic planning processes.

Concerned about getting more customers and increasing sales? Take a close look at our Marketing Strategy ebook. Or better still – get both of them for in-depth perspective that can be absorbed in less than an hour. You’ll be able to maximize the success of your business or organization as a result!